eReading: Gulliver's Travels, Lilliput

The story of Gulliver's travels to Lilliput is a classic tale that includes the type of wonder and adventure children love to read about. However, some children have difficulty reading text with fluency and tend to lose interest, or become frustrated before the story even starts getting good. Here is an app that lets your learners read along with audio narration and highlighted text. Open the world of classical adventure for your struggling students.

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App Overview

This app contains the full version of the tale of Gulliver's Travels to Lilliput. Each page is embellished with full-color illustrations, a highlighting text feature, and settings options that allow the child to stop or have full paragraphs re-read. The eReader book is perfect for children with special needs, in remediation, or for those who have dyslexia. It supports literacy development and provides multiple setting options so scaffolding can be tailored to the reader’s needs.


  • Tapping on the small Gulliver in the lower-left corner will bring up the settings bar
  • The settings bar contains images that represent story functions that can be turned on or off
  • The mouth turns on/off the audio narration
  • The book turns the page-turning feature on/off
  • The text turns the text highlighting on/off
  • The second book is where the reader can access any of the chapters or the front cover of the eReader
  • Pages can be bookmarked by tapping the image of a bookmark
  • The question mark takes the user to the information page
  • The image of the globe allows users to change languages

Story Features:

  • After setting the appropriate scaffolds for your reader, the story can begin
  • The story text is large and a marker or finger can be used for easy tracking
  • Each page contains full and colorful images that assist the reader in text comprehension
  • If all reading aids are on, the story will include audio narration
  • The text will highlight as the narrator reads
  • The pages will turn automatically at the end of each passage
  • If warranted, all or some of the scaffolds can be removed
  • A child can read at his own pace along with the highlighted text or on his own without any assistance


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Instructional Ideas

  • Have your struggling readers select an eReader like this one. Make it available for them to use during SSR or DEAR to keep them actively engaged during independent reading time.
  • Have groups of two use the app to read one chapter from the story. When they are finished, have them use the note-taking feature available on most mobile tablet devices. They can jot down main events or key details from the text.
  • Have children create a chart of parts of speech. As they listen to the audio narration, they can focus on charting textual examples of figures of speech, actions, nouns, metaphor, etc.
  • The story of Gulliver’s Travels is quite exciting. After finishing the eReader, have your learners write a similar adventure story, where they describe what strange things they encounter as they crash on a new and uncharted planet in outer space.


Classroom Considerations

Because some readers may need the audio feature on to help them through the reading process, headphones are suggested. Also, while being read to is a terrific way to increase literacy and vocabulary, some children may use their time unwisely. It is suggested to monitor the child for comprehension and to ensure that he is staying on-task.


  • The reading aids in place are founded in techniques that have been known to help struggling readers and readers with dyslexia
  • The story moves at a good pace and is a great way to introduce classic literature
  • The full-color images go well with the story and may add the needed interest for a reluctant reader
  • The settings allow for the child or adult to adjust the scaffolds as necessary
  • The book can be used independently and can be used to encourage the joy of reading
  • The app makes for a wonderful free-time activity, or a great tool to help struggling readers participate in SSR or DEAR time when they may otherwise daydream or pretend to read



  • The language select feature seems to only provide a cancel or English option
  • The audio narration and the text highlighting can not be slowed down at all