Evaporation: Where did the water go?

This Evaporation: Where did the water go? lesson plan also includes:

Science can be just like magic! Turn three sets of ice cubes into each state of matter—gas, liquid, and solid—with an engaging hands-on experiment. Kindergartners design a scenario to demonstrate the three states of matter using their ice, rubber bands, sandwich baggies, and plastic cups. Second graders work on an experiment involving more tools, including heating pads and thermometers.

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Instructional Ideas

  • As young kindergartner scientists respond to their experiment write their findings and data on the board for them to copy
  • Second grade experiment can be condensed into two days or stretched into five days if time allows
Classroom Considerations

  • Significant prep time is required for this lesson, so consider asking for help from a classroom aide or parent volunteer
  • Lesson is designed for kindergartners and second graders, but is adaptable for older grades
  • Food coloring is not a necessary part of the experiment; consider whether you want learners using melted ice water with food coloring

  • Applicable to STEM curriculum
  • Experiment helps learners to think critically

  • None