Excerpts From “Allegory of the Cave” From Plato’s Republic

This Excerpts From “Allegory of the Cave” From Plato’s Republic activity & project also includes:

Annotations on a copy of excerpts from Plato’s allegorical dialogue, “The Cave” are used to focus attention on specific passages in the dialogue. Readers are ask to draw the cave as it is described, to recount what happens to the released prisoner, to explain why the man wants to return, and to detail what happens to him when he returns, including how the other prisoners react to the change in the man. After this close reading exercise, participants prepare for a full-class discussion by responding to discussion prompts as homework.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Footnotes provide the definitions for tier-three vocabulary
  • Annotations focus readers on specific sections of the dialogue

  • Consider re-wording the Accountable Talk prompts to provide more support for participants
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