Express Mean, Median, and Mode

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What number can video game players use to see who is the best player? Help learners recognize the measure of center for a set of data points and the measure of variance. The first video in a series of three starts by cuing students on how to remember the statistical terms mean, median, and mode. Learners are then shown total scores for each day of the week. The video gets confusing when the narrator starts to level out the scores to represent the mean, but the included presentation is a lot clearer. It finishes with a line plot of the total scores and gives a good visualization of median and mode.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Provides a good description of mean, median, and mode
  • Uses a real-life example for measures of center
  • A good introduction that helps students develop understanding of statistical measures

  • Video goes to fast and may be confusing
  • Learners will need to practice graphing data on a line graph and determining the mean, median, and mode
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