Expressions and Equations

This Expressions and Equations unit also includes:

Change is the name of the game in this task and provided supports, as young mathematicians investigate proportional and general linear relationships. Scaffolded formative tasks and many teaching notes with instructional suggestions make this an excellent self-contained unit, but the generalized nature of the concepts also lends itself to a larger unit on rates of change. Provided rubrics offer excellent insight into expected open-response answers.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Extend by having students find examples of proportional relationships in current events / media stories
  • Implement cost-related equations as part of a larger unit on budgeting
  • Delve deeper into the effect of a y-intercept and the difference between proportional and general linear equations
  • Learners can self- or peer-evaluate the quality of performance task work using the provided detailed rubric
Classroom Considerations

  • Some topical references (iPod, Kanye West, Droid, iPhone) might date this activity for future use
  • Answer key for the main performance task is partially embedded within the three-point rubric for each question and partially left out

  • Clear and progressive supports for navigating the ins and outs of proportional vs. linear relationships
  • Relevant and realistic problems
  • Practice is broken into manageable and related chunks for higher comprehension and retention

  • Annotated student work is missing from most of the provided spaces
  • Pages 24 and 26 are misplaced copies of earlier pages
  • Page 49 links to resources are broken or link to paid resources
  • Missing calculations on page 54, 87 & 90 answer keys embedded in teacher notes 
  • Page 102 link ( links to general education site, not specific resource
  • Page 107 Khan Academy link (#1 in the list) is a dead link