Find the 9th Shape for a Geometric Pattern Using a Table

This Find the 9th Shape for a Geometric Pattern Using a Table video also includes:

Use geometric shapes to identify patterns and deepen number sense with video four of this nine-part series. Looking at different configurations of square tiles, learners use tables to describe patterns with regard to both the number of pieces and the shapes they make. Examples are included that help reinforce the array model of multiplication and visually demonstrate how numbers are composed of smaller parts. Extend the lesson by passing out manipulatives and encouraging students to create their own geometric patterns.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Video uses tables to support the recognition of geometric patterns
  • Geometric patterns increase in difficulty, supporting the development of students' pattern recognition skills
  • Includes a guided practice problem that addresses the ability to identify and extend a geometric pattern

  • Narrator occasionally stumbles with her words
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