Find the Area of a Circle

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A great video for those curious learners who want to know where the area formula comes from. Use this third video in a series to see how the narrator takes a circle and rearranges it into a rectangular-shaped object to apply the length-times-width method of finding area. Your learners will see how it applies to the standard area formula and practice solving problems with the decimal solution and in terms of pi. Use the extension activities for outside-the-box thinking when solving for area. 

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Reviews the importance of the order of operations when multiplying with exponents
  • Extension activities, found in the slide under resources, have good thinking problems
  • Notes template provided as graphic organizer

  • The video only shows two examples, use slides for more practice
  • Derivative of area formula may be difficult for lower-level learners
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