Find the Midpoint between Two Whole Numbers

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Number three in this series of eight lessons on rounding is focused on identifying the midpoint on a number line. Several concepts are reviewed before the core lesson begins: counting by tens and hundreds, creating increments on a number line, defining benchmark numbers, and reading a number line. Then, jump counting on a number line is used to discuss finding the midpoint.

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Classroom Considerations

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  • The review of reading a number line does a nice job of illustrating the difference between increments of 1, 10, and 100

  • You may want to pause the video at certain points to take a closer look at the visuals and spend time discussing, as the visuals go a little quickly at times
  • The video states that there will always be five jumps on the number line to find a midpoint, but does not go into the reasoning behind this; discuss this statement with the class to develop a deeper understanding of how benchmark numbers and midpoints work 
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