Finding Limits Using the Properties of Limits

This Finding Limits Using the Properties of Limits presentation also includes:

Limits of continuous and discontinuous functions get extended coverage in this presentation / worksheet  / homework set of problems. Learners get a chance to find limits by graphing, using properties of polynomials, and simplifying rational expressions. In extension problems provided by the homework, the class has an opportunity to extend these rules to functions of their own creation. An all-around comprehensive exercise set to practice limits and their uses.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Learners can take their created problems from the end of the worksheet and question one another
  • Graph and analyze for limits the data from velocity and distance experiments in science classes 
  • Excellent chance to review what does and does not make a function in the cases of piecewise graphs
Classroom Considerations

  • Main presentation would make for a great interactive whiteboard presentation, with steps revealed as problems are worked
  • Student note and homework sheets, along with homework answer key, are available under additional resources
  • Answer key done in pencil might not hold up to repeated copying without careful attention to contrast

  • Extensive problem set builds in complexity without requiring correct answers in previous problems
  • Emphasis on multiple representations, including graphical and algebraic notation
  • Step-by-step answer keys provided

  • No teaching notes or methods provided
  • No suggested answer or key properties of answer given for problems 13 and 14 in homework