Finding the Area of Irregular Figures—Area Formulas

This Finding the Area of Irregular Figures—Area Formulas lesson plan also includes:

What's the easiest way of finding the area of an irregular figure? Take it apart! Young mathematicians analyze strange shapes and find the areas of them using an interactive lesson. Fourth and final in a series, the two-day activity illustrates how to approach and solve area problems where multiple formulas are necessary.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the interactive Patch Tool to have pupils create their own irregular shapes for the study
  • Look for irregular shapes in architecture and have learners find the area of them
Classroom Considerations

  • Check out the previous lesson on parallelogram area before completing this one
  • Make sure the class is armed with all of their available area formulas by initially writing them on the board

  • The lesson reinforces the fact that irregular shapes are found regularly in everyday life—and that finding the area of them is helpful in many ways
  • Planning and preparation is smooth and simple, courtesy of an organized instructional plan

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