Finding the Area of Parallelograms—Area Formulas

More than just a rectangle that's been pushed around, parallelograms present their own unique challenges! The third instructional activity in a four-part series of area formula lessons examines the quirky parallelogram. Geometry scholars approach area from several angles to develop their own formulas, then use them to calculate the area of handmade parallelograms.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Present the different methods of finding the area of a parallelogram, then ask learners to choose the one they prefer and discuss why 
  • Take a tip from the included extensions and have the class research Lady Byron, the Princess of Parallelograms
Classroom Considerations

  • Schedule time in the computer lab for individuals to complete a portion of the activity
  • Make sure pupils are comfortable with trapezoid area before pursuing parallelograms

  • Having individuals create their own parallelograms is a great tactile method for promoting better understanding of the task
  • The lesson draws from knowledge of other area formulas and builds inquiry skills

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