Finding the Area of Trapezoids—Area Formulas

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Trapezoids can be tricky! Math scholars work together to determine the area formula for trapezoids in section two of a four-part series of lessons. The resource uses a mixture of individual and collaborative work to guide learners through the process of first estimating, then calculating, a trapezoid's area.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Display examples of trapezoids in everyday life, like bridge trusses or airplane wings
  • Show pupils how to calculate the total distance covered by finding the area of the trapezoid formed from a graph of constant speed versus time
Classroom Considerations

  • Complete the first lesson in the series before tackling trapezoids
  • Make sure learners have access to the Internet so they can use the interactive tool

  • The teacher's guide is packed with printables, extensions, and tips
  • Presents options for approaching the content, a great fit for a class with several different learning styles

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