Fire Rescue!

Little ones practice dialing 911 in response to a house fire, help the firemen drive the truck to the burning house, aim the hose to put the fire out, and more! Interspersed among the amusing activities are important messages and lessons about fire safety. 

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App Overview

Settings (Can be unlocked by an adult):

  • Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Configure local emergency phone number
  • Turn sound effects on or off
  • Turn music on or off
  • Restart (App picks up where player left off unless all 10 stamps are earned)
  • Rate

A series of learning activities are carried out to earn ten stamps on a firefighter badge:

  • Practice calling the configurable emergency number on the cell phone
  • Help the firestation answer your call
  • Slide the firemen down the pole
  • Trace a maze to move fire engine from place to place
  • Point hose to put out the fire
  • Return firetruck  to station
  • Fill water tank on truck
  • Open windows or doors on the station to hear fire safety tips from Toby the lion
  • Help firman move a ladder and climb a tree to rescue kitty
  • Complete jigsaw puzzles of a siren, a fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, the Fire Rescue! slogan, and a fire engine
  • Clean the dirty fire engine
  • Paint a picture or match spots on a doggie (matching shapes)
  • Hang a fireman's clothes in the closet
  • Dress Fireman Bob
  • Connect dots 1 - 17 to reveal Fireman Bob (number recognition and sequencing)

Specific fire safety instruction by Toby the lion:

  • Stop, drop, and roll if your clothing catches fire. This is demonstrated verbally, in symbols, printed words, and is performed by Toby.
  • Get out of the way when you hear a siren
  • Crawl on the ground to avoid smoke
  • Touch a door with the back of your hand before opening to see if it is hot
  • Never hide during a fire
  • Identify items that are hot and should be avoided
  • When 911 should be called for help
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    It goes above and beyond just teaching fire safety

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Instructional Ideas

If you have a few tablets with Fire Rescue! on them, you could set up a station where learners could work through the progression of activities. Since each of the fire safety tips is only addressed once in the sequence, it is important to review them during a focused class time.

Classroom Considerations

Be aware that only one player can play at a time, so you will not be able to use this at a station unless you have several tablets. Also, the fire truck moves very slowly when dragging it through maze; this may frustrate some learners.


  • Stimulating activities keep youngsters' interest
  • Not only does it teach fire safety, it provides practice with matching shapes, number recognition and sequencing

  • None