Lesson Plan

First Day of PE Lesson Plan

Get your class off to a running start with an introductory PE lesson. After first establishing a set of clear routines and procedures, children participate in a shared reading of the book The PE Teacher from the Black Lagoon before stretching and practicing their basic locomotor skills.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Be sure to explain the purpose behind each of the rules, helping students to see the importance in following them
  • Create signs for each of the basic locomotor skills to serve as visual instructions during fitness activities
Classroom Considerations
  • While this lesson is most appropriate for primary grade students, it can be adapted for use across all elementary age levels
  • This lesson assumes that your school's PE is taught in a gymnasium, but it can be taught in any school environment
  • A copy of the book The PE Teacher from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler is required for this lesson, and may be found in your school or local public library
  • Resource explains the rationale behind key components of the lesson
  • Provides a list of suggested PE rules
  • None