Five Concepts of Media Literacy

This Five Concepts of Media Literacy handout & reference also includes:

The teenagers in your class are members of the target audience for hundreds of companies and products. Help them become media literate with a lesson that focuses on advertisements and the messages within. As learners read about five informative points about media messages, they view a magazine cover and find the primary purpose, target audience, persuasive techniques, and ideas or values of the image.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have individuals bring in examples of advertisements, magazine articles, or pictures of billboards to analyze
  • Connect to a lesson on ethos, pathos, and logos
  • Prompt learners to turn one of their short answers into a longer persuasive or informational essay
Classroom Considerations

  • The image is in black and white, which makes it easier to copy for the class but not as effective to analyze
  • Does not offer extension activities, but the questions in the information page would make a great assignment 
  • The second of 19 lessons in the unit

  • Connects to high schoolers' lives
  • Engaging for readers of all levels
  • Lends well to a unit on rhetorical devices and persuasive language

  • None