Folding Matters

Have your physical scientists try some engineering origami by examining how the folding of materials can have practical and beneficial applications. Teams use their convoluted cortexes to collaborate on constructing a solar panel that is 30 x 90 cm in size, but that will fit into a standard foil dispensing box. Student handout pages include background reading information, a place to design their panels, and reflection questions. Consider having real examples of foldable items avaiable for your lesson, such as an umbrella in its cover, a collapsible cup or telescope, or a hand fan.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Designed

  • A doable and pertinent activity for demonstrating a valuable concept in engineering
  • Fosters teamwork and problem solving experience
  • Ideal for addressing Next Generation Science Standards
  • Teacher's notes and handouts include color photographs

  • Although the lesson plan claims to be appropriate for ages 8 to 18, you may find it best suited for upper-elementary to middle schoolers