For the Birds

This For the Birds activity & project also includes:

How much bird feed do birds eat? How can you anticipate when a bird feeder needs to be refilled? Scholars learn how to manipulate units and rates to model the time it takes for a bird feeder to become empty.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • To scaffolds the rest of the lesson, conduct the experiment with the model bird feeder before starting the lesson so the class can see how rates change as time passes
Classroom Considerations

  • You will need materials not typically found in the math classroom
  • As indicated in the prerequisites, significant algebra is required for the activity, including the ability to solve literal equations



  • Rate problems other than the bird feeder are provided for students to apply what they learned to new situations
  • A student worksheet and answer key are provided

  • The term ornithologist is explained in the teacher's guide but not in the student worksheet