Form Even More Irregular Plural Nouns

This Form Even More Irregular Plural Nouns instructional video also includes:

Look in depth at how to change plural nouns that end in -y into plural nouns that end in -ies. The narrator suggests that pupils try to determine if a plural noun looks right and then provides two rules to follow when working with nouns that end in -y.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Attach this to your class website or learning management system as a homework assignment or reference material
  • Use this along with your own instruction on plural nouns
Classroom Considerations
  • The purpose of the attached text is unclear; students could examine it for nouns that end in -y
  • Native speakers of English will likely have more success determining if a word looks right, but the rules detailed by the narrator will be useful for every pupil
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  • The video includes several examples that show when to change a -y to -ies and then to simply add an -s
  • The narrator lays out two clear rules
  • Some kids may not remain engaged throughout the entire video
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