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If you have been searching for an app about fractions, you might yell out "Eureka!" when you see this app. This comprehensive app covers a large number topics, all well organized with great graphics, and multiple opportunities for learning and demonstrating understanding. 

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App Overview

This a visually stunning app that looks like an electronic whiteboard complete with pen tray and eraser. Users can choose from four different pens to write and work out problems. The app is broken down into main areas of study. They can be used individually or studied as a progression of topics.

Main Topics:

  • Introduction to fractions
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Common denominator
  • Comparing and ordering fractions
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Multiplying fractions
  • Dividing fractions

Within each topic, there are four different approaches: 

  • Lesson
    • Audio narrated slide show
    • Includes real-world problems
    • Interactive activities
    • Helps users develop a deep understanding of the topic
  • Questions
    • Multiple choice questions with the ability to check answers
    • Fixed set of questions, doesn't change
  • Manipulative
    • Virtual manipulative to enhance understanding
    • Users explore and investigate concepts through the use of these manipulatives
  • Challenge
    • More challenging randomly generated questions
    • Levels increase challenge 
    • Use for additional practice and mastery 

Badges are awarded for achieving numerous goals.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Allows for pupils to watch and re-watch lessons at their own pace
Classroom Considerations

  • The developers of the app also offer an online version of their lessons

  • Covers many fraction topics
  • Electronic white board features allows learners to write on their tablets when working out problems

  • Tracking a student's progress is difficult with the app. There are no reports generated, or summaries available.
  • The app does not support different user accounts.  It assumes each student has his/her own dedicated tablet.