FRED and the Federal Budget Interactive Lesson

Chances are, the members of your economics class have heard the terms federal reserveGDP, and budget deficit in any number of places, including political campaigns, nightly news, and social media. But can they apply their classroom knowledge to the demands of the modern economy? Use an interactive lesson to teach learners about the ways the public debt is connected to federal budgets of the past, and encourage them to make inferences based on the St. Louis Federal Reserve database.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Project the activity onto the whiteboard or Smart Board, and have the class as a whole work out the activity
  • Use in an economics class or when discussing the federal budget in government
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires access to the Internet for the interactive activity
  • Misspells effect as affect a few times, but it's not visible to students

  • Incorporates math and social studies into one lesson
  • Includes technology skills

  • None