Fueling the Future: Evaluating the Sustainability of Biofuels

This Fueling the Future: Evaluating the Sustainability of Biofuels lesson plan also includes:

My biofuel is better than your biofuel. Small groups research a specific biofuel and think about the impact of its production and use on the environment, the economy, and on society, and report their findings to the class. Individuals then determine what they believe as the most sustainable biofuel using based on all the information presented.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have pupils research the biofuel outside of class and build their presentations using technology such as Google Docs
  • After the presentations, have the class brainstorm other uses of biomass if they conclude that biofuels are not the best solution
Classroom Considerations

  • The class should be familiar with renewable and non-renewable energy sources

  • The lesson plan has suggestions for guest speakers to talk about biofuels
  • Contains links to help groups start their research

  • The lesson plan does not contain a method to assess individual pupil understanding