Geomaster Plus HD

Move quickly! This quiz-style geography app times you as you practice naming world cities, states, countries, seas, capitals, flags, and more! It's not only the charming chalkboard appearance that makes it perfect for the social studies classroom!

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App Overview

Open to a chalkboard world map and select from 21 quiz games. Each game flashes a name at the and waits for you to locate it on a map, or in the case of the flags game, choose which flag belongs to the named country. The quiz categories are as follows:

  • Canada provinces
  • Canada cities
  • United States states
  • United States cities
  • Famous monuments 
  • Flags
  • Latin American countries
  • Mountian of the world
  • World seas
  • African countries
  • United Kingdom countries
  • United Kingdom cities
  • French departments
  • French cities
  • Germany states
  • Germany cities
  • European countries
  • European cities
  • China
  • Asian countries
  • World capital

From within any quiz, a pause button allows the player to Continue, Restart, or Quit.

Across the chalk tray at the bottom of the chalkboard are the following buttons:

  • Trophy: Displays scores on a graph, allows user to e-mail scores, and with a Settings button users can opt to connect to the online Game Center and turn the rapid tap on or off
  • Atlas: An informational interactive atlas (also accessible through the drawstring at the top of the chalkboard)
  • Speaker: Turn background music and sound effects on or off
  • Info: Credits and contact information

At the top of the chalkboard, a drawstring can be pulled down to access the Atlas. Use it to locate Continents, Countries, or Capitals. A button at the bottom of the index opens an alphabetical gallery of World Flags.


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  • Adherence to task
  • Worth the money
  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety

    Links to Game Center for comparing scores

  • Control and feedback

    Only tracks one player's scores

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

This straightforward, yet stimulating application is ideal for reinforcing global geography. Recommend it to your classes in preparation for tests. Assign fifth graders the US states and capitals, or assign high schoolers foreign countries or capitals.

The atlas can also be used as a classroom reference tool, especially for those tiny, hard-to-locate countries!

Classroom Considerations

While playing any quiz other than flags, a timer tracks how long a player takes to successfully locate all of the places and a counter displays progress as a fraction of the total questions. The score that is recorded is simply the total time taken to complete a quiz. Because of this, users can replay a particular quiz in an attempt to improve times.

The flags quiz is different. It displays a country name at the top of the screen and gives the player three flags to choose from. Points are awarded for correct answers. Three strikes, and you're out!

The GeoMaster app only tracks scores for one player, so you would need to have several tablets available for multiple players. Another option would be to set up the game center for posting scores.



  • Easy to use
  • Crisp visuals
  • Charming chalkboard theme

  • Background music can be turned off, but sound effects cannot