Germs Away

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From covering your mouth when you cough to skin infections, this resource is packed with lessons and activities designed to build awareness of the importance of proper hand washing for the prevention and spread of disease. It includes seven detailed, hands-on activities, complete with a variety of printables and worksheets to support the lessons.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • This is an excellent unit to complement a discussion of overall personal hygiene. As an extension, consider discussing proper etiquette as it relates to coughing and washing hands, as well as perhaps modern sanitation laws the employees must carry out
Classroom Considerations

  • Some of the activities require preparation of several outside materials, such as Glo-Germ or a blacklight. If you cannot locate these items, carry out an adaptation of the lesson while still utilizing the supplemental worksheets provided in this resource

  • Well-designed, modern unit
  • Fantastic worksheets, printables, and activity materials

  • None