Gotta Go Back in Time

What better way to conclude a reading of George Washington's Socks than by writing original historical fiction narratives. After choosing interesting events from the past, young writers perform research to gather key facts to include in their stories. The class then moves through the writing process, creating and revising rough drafts, peer editing, and finally publishing final copies. Though more of a general outline than a detailed lesson plan, this resource provides a great foundation for teachers to build a fun and engaging creative writing project.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Includes samples of student writing that clearly model the objectives of this lesson
  • The revision and editing processes are supported with a sticky note system for providing feedback
  • Writing project allows for cross-curricular connections between language arts and social studies

  • Teacher must provide scaffolding to support learners with researching historical events
  • Requires the teacher to establish clear procedures for peer revising and editing