Grapes of Wrath Classwork Packet

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A perfect companion for anyone reading The Grapes of Wrath, this 20-page packet instructs and directs readers' attention to all the key elements in John Steinbeck's Pulitzer Prize winning novel. The questions for Chapter one direct attention to diction and imagery. For Chapter three, readers focus on the tale of the turtle. The intercalary chapters, the gradual shift of thinking from"I" to "We," dialect and idiomatic expressions, and the differing roles of women and men all receive attention.  A must-have resource that is well worth the paper expenditure.

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  • The discussion of the ending is carefully scaffolded; readers are asked to complete a matrix showing how characters have changed from self-absorption to regarding others as part of an extended family
  • Carefully crafted, the packet asks readers to explore all the major aspects of the novel

  • Preparation for the study of the biblical references may be necessary in some classrooms
  • Beware the occasional typo