Graphs of Other Trigonometric Functions

Using the powerful tools of shifts and stretches to parent functions, this presentation walks the learner through graphing trigonometric functions by families. Key features of parent functions are reviewed and then the changes to those characteristics detailed and demonstrated. Lots of examples and a closely aligned practice worksheet and answer key make this a great supplemental lesson to your graphing periodic functions unit.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Provide presentation link on the class website for pre-class viewing in the flipped classroom model or on-demand remediation in a traditional setting
  • Give small groups graphs of modified trigonometric functions and have them deduce the generating function
  • Have the class create posters with shifted and stretched trigonometric graphs, graphing each individual modification as a separate graph before combining effects
Classroom Considerations

  • Color-coded graphs might present challenges for visually impaired or colorblind pupils
  • Sine and cosine graphs are not covered in this presentation
  • Original graphs of parent trigonometric functions provided as review, but are not generated from basic principles
  • Consider modifying presentation pdf to use on an interactive whiteboard with solution steps and graphs revealed one at a time
  • This resource is only available on an unencrypted HTTP website. It should be fine for general use, but don’t use it to share any personally identifiable information

  • Clear designation and demonstration of coefficient locations and effects
  • Examples of all kinds, including negative coefficients
  • Worksheet matches presentation material closely
  • Answer key with worked problems and graphs provided

  • No student notesheet to go with presentation material
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