Great Minds: Glenn Seaborg, Shaking Up the Periodic Table

Only one element on the periodic table has ever been named after someone still living. Seaborgium is an element with atomic number 106 and was named after Glenn Seaborg. He was a co-discoverer of 10 different elements now on the periodic table. He also advised 10 presidents and won a Nobel Prize — a true role model! 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Research the process for naming elements on the periodic table
  • Detail the process of turning lead into gold
Classroom Considerations

  • Be aware that YouTube comments are open to the public and are not always suitable for use in the classroom
  • Video is the eighth in a 25-part series

  • Includes closed captioning, which can help viewers follow along
  • Opens up a discussion about the ethical side of nuclear weapons
  • Provides cross-curricular connections to history, social studies, and science

  • None