Grid and Bear It!

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What do your pupils know about latitude and longitude? Make sure they have a thorough understanding of this topic by completing the comprehensive series of activities included here. Learners simulate latitude and longitude, take notes, play games, sing songs, create little reference books, and more in order to gain a full understanding of latitude and longitude.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Introduce your class to latitude and longitude with these activities at the beginning of the year so they can use the map skills throughout the year
  • Start a geography unit with these plans; learners can use their personal reference books throughout the unit to assist them with map reading
Classroom Considerations
  • There are a wide range of activities here, some of which are more appropriate for younger learners; you can easily pick and choose what works best for your age group, and leave out activities like the song when working with older students
  • Comes with note-taking pages, keys for those pages, directions for the book activity, song lyrics, worksheets, and more materials to support the plan
  • Includes a variety of different activities to keep learners engaged and provide plenty of opportunities to master the concepts
  • None