Group Games - A Guide for Facilitators & Teachers

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Looking for different activities to develop communication skills and teamwork in your class? Tired of using the same name game to start your school year? From icebreakers to initiatives, this app is sure to have the perfect group game to get your young learners out of their seats and interacting effectively!

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App Overview

  • Categorizes into six different types of games: Name Games, Get To Know You, Icebreakers, Team Building, Initiatives, and Just For Fun
  • Each game includes description of: materials needed, how to play, additional notes, and possible variations
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Instructional Ideas

  • Find games for the beginning of the year, class introductions, team building and leadership development, or for those extra 10 minutes at the end of a lesson 
Classroom Considerations

Several of the games involve some type of body contact between class members and will require instructor discretion according to the age and maturity level of learners.


  • Includes variety of engaging and productive games
  • Rules are easy to understand and implement
  • Well organized with attractive fonts and layout

  • No ability to edit or take notes on games
  • Limited list, with some games repeated in different categories
  • Does not include explanations of possible ways to solve games/strategies for success
  • Not an interactive nor modifiable app, and therefore, not ideal for continuous use