Guess My Race

What race are you? Players are asked to guess how people from all over Boston and Los Angeles answered this question. Producers of the tool claim the game is designed to “shed light on the complexity of race as a cultural and historical construction.”

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App Overview

Using the Application:

  • Read the first screen and then swipe to continue reading the remaining explanations of the design, the directions, and the purpose of the game
  • After examining a photo, players tap the answer they believe the person pictured offered
  • The correct response is then indicated, followed by a rationale and expert commentary
  • At the conclusion of each 10-question game, the total correct is noted
  • Players are then offered the option to play again, learn more about the game, or read about the resources used to develop the game 
  • Users can then tap the Play Again button to start another game
  • Tap the About button to learn more about the rationale for the game
  • Tap Resources to see the documentation for the game


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Instructional Ideas

  • The game could be used to launch a discussion about personal, racial, and cultural identity
Classroom Considerations

  • The topic and the discussion require a safe classroom environment
  • Although there are multiple games, players quickly get the message
  • Expensive 

  • Repeated plays quickly teach that it is impossible to predict how the person pictured answered this question
  • The tool challenges players to consider the many factors that contribute to a person's sense of identity

  • Discussion of the issues raised by the game require a classroom environment where topics like prejudice and racism can be safely discussed
  • Carefully preview all the commentaries, some of which are very pointed, before deciding whether the game is appropriate for your classroom