Hands-On History: Explorers

This Hands-On History: Explorers activity & project also includes:

Bring history to life with this collection of hands-on early explorer activities. From creating a flip book about the Vikings' exploration of North America to a reader's theater performance about Christopher Columbus' search for the Indies, this resource offers learning experiences that will engage the whole class in learning about European explorers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this collection of resources to supplement an upper-elementary social studies unit on early explorers
  • Choose activities from this collection to include in a learning menu of assignments that children complete during an early explorers social studies unit
  • Have students complete all of these activities and assemble their work into a portfolio

  • An introduction is provided that explains how to implement these activities in the classroom
  • Each activity includes a brief description, a list of materials, and all accompanying worksheets and templates

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