Harriet Tubman: A Woman of Bravery

This Harriet Tubman: A Woman of Bravery handout & reference also includes:

How does Harriet Tubman embody the characteristics of a hero? Young historians analyze primary sources and read excerpts from Harriet Tubman's biography to identify her character traits. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • If learners are new to the practice of primary source analysis, consider implementing instruction of this type to this lesson, as well as any worksheets that you may use in your usual process of primary source analysis
Classroom Considerations

  • It would be best if your pupils had foundational knowledge of slavery in the United States prior to the Civil War, as well as the undertakings of the Underground Railroad, prior to beginning this lesson

  • Includes vocabulary list and all handouts/worksheets
  • Employs best teaching practices throughout

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