Helping Others Cope

After reading the tale, The Mouse Family’s Most Terrible, Terrifying Day by Joan S. Duphy, scholars take part in a grand conversation, brainstorming ways they can actively support a community that has suffered a terrorism attack.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas

  • Send a letter to families informing them of the topic, and offer ways to extend the conversation at home 
  • Allow children to choose and complete one of the ideas to become active in a community that survived a terrorist attack 
Classroom Considerations

  • Prior to teaching the lesson, acquire a copy of The Mouse Family’s Most Terrible, Terrifying Day by Joan S. Duphy
  • The lesson addresses death and terrorism; take pupils level of comfortability and emotional state into consideration before implementing in the classroom

  • Provides background knowledge
  • The lesson encourages learner-led discussion and exploration 

  • Typos are present but do not take away from the lesson's objective