Hit Hunger!

This Hit Hunger! activity & project also includes:

Conduct a service learning project created to support those in need of food. Scholars plan a dodgeball tournament that costs every participant a can of food that will then be donated to an organization. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Invite parents and guardians to help with the planning process as well as the day of the event 
  • Pose reflection questions on a classroom blog, direct pupils to answer each question and respond to their peers 
  • Plan multiple dodgeball games throughout the school year to donate more food to the needy 
Classroom Considerations

  • The duration reflects a rough estimate of how long it takes to plan and implement the service learning project 
  • Requires event planning, donation organization, and a space to play Dodgeball, as well as equipment 

  • Encourages participants to be active both physically and with social issues 
  • Provides a sample shopping list with prices  
  • Eleven steps detail the process for successful project completion 

  • None