Honors Senior Seminar Debate Project

This Honors Senior Seminar Debate Project activity & project also includes:

High school seniors demonstrate their mastery of speech and debate skills by participating in a competitive debate project. The assignment packet not only lists the benefits of engaging in competitive debates, but also describes in detail the responsibilities of each team member.

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Classroom Considerations

  • Although designed for an honors-level senior class, the plan could easily be adapted to any high school or higher-education classroom
  • The project calendar provides a clear picture of the scope and sequence of the project; however, specific date references would need to be edited

  • The class generates a list of suitable topics
  • Teams first research both sides of the question before being assigned a side in the debate
  • A schedule of due dates for the aspects of the debate prep are included
  • Class members use the provided ballot to evaluate the debates and select a winner

  • The calendar would need to be revised