How Fit Will She Get?

This How Fit Will She Get? assessment also includes:

Young mathematicians demonstrate their ability to solve word problems using numerical expressions in this short exercise. Given Brenda's daily workout schedule, students must write and solve an expression representing the amount of time she spends exercising, providing a written explanation in support of their answer.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Present this word problem as a warm-up exercise during a lesson series on writing and solving numerical expressions
  • After completing the problem, allow students to discuss their answers with a partner, small group, or the entire class
  • Assess student learning during a lesson series on numerical expression by using this resource as an exit card
  • Have early finishers work on the extension problems after completing the original exercise
Classroom Considerations

  • The primary question is a little unclear, but can easily be revised to read What is the total amount of time she spends exercising each week?

  • Includes three extension questions that challenge the ability of students to write and solve numerical expressions
  • Resource is available as a Word document that can be modified by teachers

  • None