How Irrational—Visualizing Squares and Square Roots

This How Irrational—Visualizing Squares and Square Roots lesson plan also includes:

Irrational numbers can make perfect sense, thanks to a creative activity! The second lesson in a two-part series introduces strategies for handling those not-so-perfect squares that contain irrational side lengths. Groups build on prior knowledge, collaborate on finding the area of imperfect squares, and present their plans using posters.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign the reflection questions as an assessment
  • Ask individuals to complete a journal entry comparing and contrasting this activity with the results of the first activity in the series
Classroom Considerations

  • Take a moment to make sure the class understands perfect squares, particularly if some time has passed since completing the In Search of Perfect Squares activity

  • The resource is a novel approach to introducing irrational numbers
  • Teacher's guide includes printables, great discussion questions, and extension activities

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