How to Analyze Documentaries

Prepare your class for creating their own documentaries. Before they get started, they'll need to know what a documentary is and what makes a documentary compelling. As a class, watch several documentaries from the point of view of the writer, taking notes on a few questions while viewing. Then, come together to create a chart listing documentary characteristics. The resources suggests a documentary titled After the Fall: HIV Grows Up, which is available for free through the documentary's website.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Provides a list of documentary characteristics that you can use to guide and support discussion
  • Includes links to various documentaries to view and analyze
  • The lesson description is very brief; however, it does provide enough information to teach the lesson
  • No materials are included for taking notes during the films and discussion, so you may need to create your own worksheets
  • Link to one video does not work; however, you can find the video on YouTube