I Spy Prepositions

A lesson challenges scholars to use their knowledge of proportions to locate items in the classroom. Beginning with a quick writing prompt, learners describe their location then play a game of "I Spy." Independently, pupils complete a worksheet that identifies objects. Pairs play another round of "I Spy" till all peers finish the assignment. An Exit Ticket closes the lesson.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Conduct the lesson at the start of the school year to help learners become familiar with the classroom 
  • Challenge participants to complete a worksheet at home with family members
  • Take the lesson outside, list items found around campus—outside or in other shared spaces 
Classroom Considerations
  • Create two versions of a worksheet prior to starting the lesson
  • The worksheet allows for personalization of your space and items 
  • The lesson encourages peer interaction
  • None