Sort ideas, map brainstorms, or categorize topics with a great planning app. The tablet equivalent of spreading out flash cards on a table, this app would be useful in any class setting, or even when organizing your curriculum.

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App Overview

Get started:

  1. Opening page has instructions on a set of cards, such as how to navigate the app or hints to organize the cards (you can shuffle or reorganize these cards if you'd like).
  2. Start a new deck by tapping Decks, then the plus sign. Title the deck and add cards with the plus sign on the toolbar.
  3. Zoom to cards by spreading index finger and thumb apart, and zoom in by pinching the screen. Double tap on a card to edit it or add notes.
  4. You can organize by Group (cards scatter to where you put them, and you can move cards around) or Order (cards are lined up in order, and you can move them within their rows or columns).
  5. Share your deck with others by uploading it, beaming it, or blasting it to others on the same Wi-Fi network.
  6. Browse public decks for inspiration and tips for all subject areas.
  7. Customize your background in the Settings section, including an x- and y-axis, three-column graph, or multiple grids.
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Instructional Ideas

  • Have kids brainstorm essays or plan for research topics in language arts class, or organize facts and dates in history and science class
  • Use the graph backgrounds to illustrate where certain concepts fall within categories on a spectrum
  • Plan your curriculum for the year, and reorganize lessons easily with simple navigation
Classroom Considerations

  • App has the ability to share decks with others on the same network, so take care when using the program for test preparation

  • Easy navigation makes it easy to organize and add new ideas
  • Slick design is appealing for both kids and adults
  • Helpful for any class, from elementary math to college-level language arts
  • Zoom in and out to see the big picture or individual details
  • Color code cards and text to make ideas pop

  • Hard to put multiple ideas on one card, or to format cards in flash card style (information on front and back)
  • A little pricy ($9.99) for an app that has one main organizational feature