Identify Author's Purpose by Analyzing How Multiple Themes Interact

How can a reader identify the author’s purpose in a text? Act III, scene i of Hamlet is the anchor text for a series of videos that model various close reading strategies. In this video, the sixth in the series, the narrator models how to use a Venn diagram to see how multiple themes interact, and then how to analyze these interactions to determine the author's purpose.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Each video in the series begins with a review that places it in the context with others
  • The close reading strategy is broken into steps so that the task seems manageable
  • Narration is accompanied by animation that highlights the portion of the text under discussion

  • Speaker's rapid pace may intimidate some viewers
  • Should be viewed in order with the entire series
  • Although the approach could be used with other texts, learners would benefit most if included as a part of a study of the entire play
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