Identifying an Author’s Purpose

This Identifying an Author’s Purpose lesson plan also includes:

Throughout any piece of writing, words and phrases are used that provide the reader hints about the author's purpose. Teach young readers how to pick up on these clues as they learn to identify writing that entertains, informs, and persuades. Students practice this skill by sorting through and categorizing books from the class library before independently reading and identifying the purpose of an additional piece of writing. Teach this lesson at the beginning of the school year, preparing the class for the different types of writing they will be working with throughout the year.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Three reading passages are provided that clearly demonstrate the characteristics of informational, entertaining, and persuasive writing
  • Includes a graphic organizer that identifies the clues in each reading passage that indicate their purpose
  • Reading passages include graphics that support the content of the text
  • A series of supplemental resources are provided that support students with identifying the author's purpose
  • Assumes the teacher has a class library that includes books that entertain, inform, and persuade readers
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