Identifying Author’s Purpose in a Newspaper

This Identifying Author’s Purpose in a Newspaper lesson plan also includes:

Between news articles, editorials, and comic strips, many different types of writing are presented to readers in a newspaper. The first lesson in this series helps children make sense of all this information by teaching them the key characteristics of informational, entertaining, and persuasive writing. Through a series of whole class, small group, and independent practice activities, young readers develop the ability to identify the purpose of different peices of writing in newspapers. This lesson would transition perfectly into a weekly current events assignment where students find and share interesting news articles.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Newspapers serve as an excellent context for teaching children about different genres of writing
  • A graphic organizer is included for identifying the characteristics of persuasive, informational, and entertaining writing

  • Lesson requires copies of newspapers for each student
  • The reading level of most newspapers may be challenging for young readers