This Impressionism presentation also includes:

Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, or "Guys with beards and ladies without beards that painted outside," are featured in a 171-slide PowerPoint, designed for AP Art History and Humanities classes, that would also appeal to anyone interested in these movements. Characteristics of the movements and historical information about the artists are also included.

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Classroom Considerations

  • Consider dividing the 171-slide presentation into several sections
  • No script accompanies the resource and some of the slides are unlabeled; therefore, preview to determine what commentary should be added
  • The presentation could be used to introduce these movements and/or as a review before the May exams

  • The presentation also includes works by women painters
  • Images are carefully selected to include famous and not-so-well-known works



  • No script is included
  • Not all images are identified
  • The significance of some of the images is not indicated
  • The quiz includes questions on material not covered by the slides