Independent Reading Assessment Tools

This Independent Reading Assessment Tools worksheet also includes:

The challenge for independent reading projects is to figure out how to provide guidance and fairly assess work when kids are doing so many different things. Never fear, help is here in a richly detailed 32-page packet that details strategies, provides worksheets, and rubrics. A must-have for your curriculum library.

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Classroom Considerations

  • Includes before, during, and after reading assessments
  • Assessment based on the reader's ability to retell, summarize, and identify areas of interest

  • Includes a list of strategies instructors can share with readers
  • Suggestions for how to schedule reading conferences, for implementing, and conducting, reading conferences are detailed
  • Reader response questions for both fiction and factual texts are provided
  • Guidelines to use when assessing comprehension, templates for readers to use for oral retells, as well as personal and literary response journals, and rubrics are included

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