Indicate Mood, Present Tense - AR Verbs I

This Indicate Mood, Present Tense - AR Verbs I worksheet also includes:

Take your class to the computer lab to practice their -ar Spanish verbs. Pupils are given a paragraph with 14 blanks. Using the verb in parentheses, learners fill in each blank, conjugating when necessary. Then, they simply click the nearest blue star to check their answers. Class members who need extra practice could complete this exercise, as well as the rest of the series to which it belongs.

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  • Learners will have no difficulty checking their answers
  • Solid practice for -ar verb conjugation

  • If you want to assess the exercise, or make sure learners have completed it, you might have to ask them to print it out or share their work with you in another way
  • Pupils can view the answers before they write in a response