Influence of Advertising

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Can you believe that your learners will see anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 advertisements this year? Make use of all that time with a five-part lesson about advertising techniques, which teaches individuals to observe the ways companies are speaking to them through advertisements. The unit helps your class become smart and thoughtful consumers in a world that seems inundated with things to buy.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners watch a series of commercials for homework, detailing what they see
  • If you are teaching the unit around Super Bowl time, have them note what they observe during the special commercials during the game
  • Take a walk in your neighborhood before beginning the unit and have pupils jot down how many ads they see, including billboards, posters, or advertisements on vehicles
  • For a short writing prompt, encourage learners to write about the types of advertisements that are very effective for them, and the types that do not work for them at all
Classroom Considerations

  • Each lesson is designed to take 75 minutes; tailor the lesson to match the length of your class period
  • Lesson was created by a Canadian organization, so some spelling and phrases may be unfamiliar to class members outside of Canada
  • Final project will probably take longer than one class period

  • Provides links to supplemental materials, including sample TV commercials and media awareness portrayals
  • Comes with a quick assessment to test knowledge of advertising techniques, as well as an answer key
  • Engaging for learners of all levels, as kids love to watch TV and are familiar with the concept of advertising
  • Final project is a fun way for scholars to demonstrate what they have learned

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