Initial Fraction Ideas Lesson 23: Overview

Celebrate young mathematicians' ability to compare, add, and subtract fractions with this math review lesson. To demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge, children solve a series of fraction word problems, explaining their solutions in writing, before completing a worksheet involving estimating sums and differences of fractions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Extend the worksheet by having students calculate the exact sums and differences after recording their estimations on the number lines
  • After students write their explanations, allow them time to briefly share their ideas with a partner before having a whole-group discussion
Classroom Considerations

  • If sets of plastic fration circles are not available, use the provided templates to create your own sets of manipulatives

  • Comments and suggestions are included that support teachers with implementing this lesson
  • Guided practice word problems are included that involve adding, subtracting, and comparing fractions
  • Includes a warm-up exercise that activates prior knowledge about comparing fractions

  • None