Inspiration Maps

Mind mapping has never been easier. With this app, users can make visual relationships between concepts, plan and organize, compare and contrast ideas, and develop project plans. A great resource for any subject area.

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App Overview

  • Open the app to the template screen
  • Choose one of the existing templates (over 30 are provided) or design one
  • Tap the dialogue box that appears above the left corner of a flow chart symbol to ad information to the symbol
  • Tap the directional arrow at the top right of the symbol to see or hide additional branches of the chart
  • Tap the arrow located at the lower right corner of the symbol to add new sub-topics
  • Double tap a symbol to type in a name for the symbol
  • Tips for how to use each template can be found by tapping the question mark icon
  • Templates are available in US English, UK English, French, and Spanish
  • Templates can be printed or mailed to other devices
  • Users can switch the information from a graphic organizer format, to a classic outline, and back again
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Instructional Ideas

  • Can be used by learners to brainstorm, organize, and analyze data
  • Writers can map essays and then re-format information into a classic outline
  • Instructors can use the app as an organization tool
Classroom Considerations

  • A bit pricey for most classrooms
  • A great adjunct for classrooms that use other Inspiration resources and lessons

  • Images stored in the photo library can be re-sized and added to diagrams
  • Information can be added, edited, deleted, and re-formatted 
  • Appropriate for all subject areas
  • Users can create their own graphic organizers
  • Tutorials are available on YouTube
  • Easy to use

  • Pricey