Integrating the Internet with the Curriculum

This Integrating the Internet with the Curriculum lesson plan also includes:

Introduce young readers to Eric Carle, one of the most popular children's authors of our time. Complementing the reading his books, 11 activities are provided in this lesson plan series that engage children in learning about a range of topics, from basic counting and days of the week to parts of the body and plant growth. Plan to work through all of these activities if time permits, otherwise pick and choose those that best meet the needs of your class. Consider even developing your own activities to supplement in the lesson plan series by researching other books of his that offer cross-curricular connections. 

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CCSS: Designed

  • Includes a variety of activities related to different Eric Carle stories
  • Offers activities that introduce young learners to using the Internet as a source of information

  • Resource only provides a general outline of an Eric Carle lesson series, requiring the teacher to develop more detailed lesson plans for each activity
  • Requires copies of multiple children's books written by Eric Carle
Common Core